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Diospi Suyana has a positive infectivity

An encourager for good projects

On Sunday evening a certain Swan R. (left) from Virginia, USA, sends an interesting email.  At her birth in India the doctors had long given up on her.  Now she feels God is calling her back to India to open an orphanage.  She writes: “God’s got the whole world in his hands.  He can do the same wonderful things (for us) that we have read about in your book.  Your faith and passion really inspire me!”

Two hours later we get an email from Los Angeles, USA.  A certain Museo C describes how many of his friends and relatives are acquainted with Diospi Suyana through books and audiobooks: “I hope that many people will read and be inspired by your story.”

On Sunday afternoon a project manager called and asked for advice for her humanitarian health project in Bolivia; on the Thursday before someone contacted us asking for help with their planned hospital in Indonesia.

Enthusiasm and Faith are highly contagious, if they lead to verifiable, world-changing results.

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