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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana – a hospital with a special heart

A symbolic initiative organised by Devyn and Dr Julian Swanson

There is a small children’s play area in one corner of the waiting room.  As of yesterday a large colourful heart is adorning its main wall.  Staff and patients contributed to this brilliant idea in a very manual way: colouring their hands and printing them on the wall to make this heart.  Devyn Swanson from Texas and Dr. Julian Swanson from Houston organised this initiative.  Nurse Annette Goss (above left) writes: “It was such brilliant fun.  Irrespective of one’s age, everyone took part!”

A hospital with a special heart. Who does not want that?  When we fall ill we all want to be treated by doctors and nurses who don’t do their job just to pay their bills.

Especially when we are afraid of an upcoming operation or feel acute pain we desire genuine empathy and love.

I suspect it is easier to live this motto when one is working at a missionary hospital, since most members of staff, convinced by God’s love, want to pass exactly God’s love on to everyone they meet.

Devyn Swanson
Dr. Julian Swanson











Occupational therapist Markus Rottler and a Quechua-Indian. Judging by their faces it must have been a fun event.