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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana Association’s AGM

The President had issued the invitation and everyone who was able to came to Langgöns

Once a year the members of the Diospi Suyana Association, who come from Germany’s four corners, meet at a central location in Germany.  They voluntarily invest a whole Sunday of their time.  If President Olaf Böttger announces the date well in advance, everyone can make the appropriate red cross in their calendars.  Because Diospi Suyana is also their history and a part of their lives.

In a friendly atmosphere good solutions are looked for and, normally, found.  The afternoon ended with a communal prayer time.  Everyone present plays their role out of a deep conviction and firmly believes that with God’s help even the impossible becomes possible.  For doctor-couple John, who had specially come from Peru, such a meeting a real encouraging booster.

The two pictures are heavily edited.  Yesterday again strict hygiene regulations had to be adhered to.