Diospi Suyana – a Modern Concept

A big plus of the Diospi Suyana concept is the high level of cooperation between Diospi Suyana and existing Peruvian structures.

Some examples:

1. Peruvian experts advised and supported us in our search for the right hospital site.

2. The people of Curahuasi participated substantially in developing the name and logo for Diospi Suyana.

3. The Peruvian lawyer Ephrain Caviedes provided legal advice regarding the founding of Diospi Suyana free of charge.

4. The municipal administration suggested eight properties for the hospital in April 2003. One of them was purchased by Diospi Suyana – Germany.

5. The Catholic church gave us a special deal when selling the land.

6. So far, more than 500 volunteers from the district of Curahuasi have participated in the construction of the outdoor theater.

7. The city will invest its own funds for the hospital’s water and electricity supply as well as its phone lines.

8. The regional government of Apurimac participated in the excavations with heavy equipment.

9. The Peruvian government has recognized Diospi Suyana as a non-governmental organisation, so the VAT can be reclaimed.

10. Cooperation agreements have been signed or are being prepared with the medical authorities of the province (DIRESA), with the local municipal administration, with Abancay university and with the Health Department in Lima.

Photo 1: City Hall is our most important cooperating partner.

Photo 2. That’s how it all began: Inspection of eight pieces of land with the mayor and his advisors in April 2003.

Photo 3: With government representatives in Lima on January 4, 2006. The topic: a cooperation agreement with Diospi Suyana.

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