This cake is indeed an act of love

Almost too beautiful to be consumed?

At her consecration service Tabitha Kühl was given a unique cake.  On the left one can see a picture of the young lady taken during her Peru trip a year ago; on the right the colourful marzipan forms show clearly for what her heart beats: Diospi Suyana.

Her Dad, Tobias Kühl, is part of the society’s management board and it could be said that his passion for the missionary hospital has impacted his beautiful daughter’s heart.  Gabriele Schawer from Oranienburg is the creator of this amazing yellow-and-red work of art.

No one knows, whether Tabitha herself will one day work at Diospi Suyana.  The only thing that matters is that God leads her through her life here on earth and into life everlasting.  3,000 years ago a wise man put it that way.

The missionary hospital on a cake. On the right you can see the Amphitheater in blue.
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