Missed Opportunity in Herrnhut

Hernhut verpasste Gelegenheit

Christians always meet again

I sat at the gate in Frankfurt, waiting for my flight to Madrid.  The time spent waiting is valuable and I want to use it.  Maybe I can still make some important calls.  I haven’t heard from an old friend in several months.  He has been associated with our work for the past 10 years.

I call our former co-worker Michael Morl from Saxony in my search.  “He is in hospice in Hernhut.”  Michael tells me.  This information gets under my skin; I just stayed last Wednesday night in Hernhut after a lecture, not half a kilometer away from this hospice center.

From the airport I call directly there, “Is Mr G.S. strong enough to hold a telephone?” I ask and listen eagerly as I await the response of the friendly lady.  “Sadly he died this morning.” she informs me.

How I wish I would have seen him personally one last time.  It’s sad!  But one consolation we have as Christians is that we never see someone for the last time.  When we meet again in heaven we will have plenty of time to talk. / KDJ

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