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Furniture production at full speed

Möbel und Burkhard Jochum

Burkhard Jochum 

A week ago, he arrived in Curahuasi. The next morning, the German carpenter is in the workshop, ready to work. For a month, Mr. Burkhard Jochum will construct furniture voluntarily. Over 400 pieces of furniture ranging in size from very small to very large must be made in the coming weeks for Diospi-Suyana School.

Blick in die Schreinerei
Carpenter Burkhard Jochum on the left

His wife, Carolina, has helped with translation work for the Diospi Suyana website. His father-in-law helps us again and again with political contacts as he is a member of the Congress in Peru. So the whole family is working hard, writing, and communicating for Diospi Suyana. This assuredly is balanced and selfless example.