The work force grows every year


We are still a medium-sized company, but not for much longer!

According to the official German definition a medium-sized company employs up to 250 employees.  Currently Diospi Suyana employs 240 Peruvians and missionaries in its manifold areas of activity; the employment trend is steadily heading upwards.

Of course our missionary work is not a company in the classical sense.  Naturally supply and demand play their role – we want to help alleviate the huge human need – but Diospi Suyana does not focus on a black figure on its bottom line.  Our patients pay only a quarter of their respective true costs.  A network of solidarity makes it possible for us to offer our services on the basis of charity.  It is amazing seeing how well this system works – here we experience real examples of God’s faithfulness.

Due to the size Diospi Suyana has currently reached, it has lost some of its original familial character.  Over this weekend several missionaries and their families are on a retreat at a hotel in the Inca’s Holy Valley.  107 grown-ups and children play and sing together and a Columbian pastor-couple are providing the biblical inputs.  Pastor Carlos Supelano and his wife Miriam Suarez started yesterday’s workshop with radical and honest confessions from their personal lives: what an atmosphere to experience!

On Monday we will dive back into reality.  The patients’ queues grow yearly, the school is growing and the media centre has placed great expectations on itself.  There is no lack of hard work.  But for two days we do not want to think about that.

The families are having supper last night.

Top foto: After a city parade on November 25 some of our co-workers line up for a foto.

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