Falling in love next to the operating table

Hochzeit Markus Ruth
Markus Dirksen and Ruth Brand will never forget Diospi Suyana

University Clinic Homburg/Saar. 130 people are sitting in the Anatomy lecture hall, many of them students. Markus Dirksen had the idea for this presentation. He worked for a year as an OTA in the operation room in the mission hospital. Now he is studying and wants to become a doctor himself.

During the presentation about Diospi Suyana, a picture shows up of an English student, Ruth Brand, on a big screen. “She is the prettiest English woman that I know!”, Dr. John says and continues, “Markus Dirksen must have felt the same way, because 4 weeks ago he married her!”
Markus and Ruth, a big love, that began in Curahuasi. An international couple. At their wedding in England, they collected money for Diospi Suyana. Next year they want to visit the hospital in Curahuasi again. Of course, we want to wish the young couple all the very best and Gods rich blessings.

People from all parts of the world are making history at Diospi Suyana and Diospi suyana is writing history in the lives of countless people, sometimes even love stories.

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