The Last Two Weeks of Construction

Der letzte Abwasserschacht wird betoniert

Secretly and quietly

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, the loyal readers among us may have noticed there was no construction report last Friday.  It was not that there was nothing going on, but that we were just continuing on the things I had already mentioned in the previous report.

It is very different this week.  The sewer connection is almost complete.  It lacks only the sloped screed in the crash shafts and the manhole cover.  The natural stone retaining walls, which had to be demolished while digging the channel, have been reconstructed.  If some grass can grow in a few weeks, the only sign that something was built there will be the four manhole covers.

The school team meanwhile has completed and inaugurated the long jump pit.  The preliminary record is 3.5 meters, but it is assumed this will not last long.

Also, the plateau is still being leveled and freed of large stones.  Then the grass will be installed, which has covered the construction site of the media center.  Thus, the ground-breaking ceremony of the next project will be directly linked to the completion of the school project.

But the highlight of the week was that we were finally able to begin the stain glass windows for the new administration offices.  These special windows were necessary to preserve the character of the church facade.  The company Derix Glass Studios from Taunusstein, Germany supported us here with a donation of very beautiful stained glass.  We thank them for their generous donation!

A blessed weekend, Johannes B.

Arbeiten im Graben
Trench work
Der Rasen muss bereits gewaessert werden
The lawn must already be watered
Daniel Dressler weiht den Dschungelweg der roten Erde ein
Daniel Dressler inaugurates the jungle path of red earth.
Die Weitsprunggrube - Die Faeche oben wird noch bearbeitet
The long jump pit – The area above is still being finished.
Das Puzzle benoetigt hoechste Konzentration
The puzzle requires intense concentration.
Die Kirchenfassade
The church facade
Endlich installiert!
Finally installed!
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