The background of an interesting visit

Besuch Hanna und Maja
Two ladies from Nürnberg

On March 16, 2015, I got the chance to sit opposite the basketball player Patrick Horstmann at a pizzeria in Sheffield. He not only plays in the first English division, but also stands at BBraun (England) under contract. As part of a program of social responsibility, he is involved with a business for children’s projects. Mr. Horstmann wanted to help Diospi Suyana; the only question was how. “Come with us to Peru and bring a good journalist along,” I suggested. Two months went by, and the idea apparently disappeared in a pile of unfulfilled resolutions.

But the Lord was preparing someone else for us. That same evening, Patrick Horstmann told an 18-year-old intern from Germany named Hanna Boucsein-Jaeger about Diospi Suyana. Sie is a member of the extended-BBraun Melsungen family. When she heard about the mission hospital in Curahuasi, she was thrilled.

On May 19, she wrote an enthusiastic e-mail to Diospi Suyana. “I would like to see the hospital in Curahuasi. And I will bring a journalist with me from the Nürnberger Newspaper!”

Now the two are here in Curahuasi and ask lots of questions. Maja Kolonic is pictured on the right, working in a politics resort of NZ. Ultimately, their research could be published in a major German newspaper. Perhaps this story is another example that God writes straight with crooked lines.

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