Our sterilisers are very special

Slider mit Markus mit Kathi

A true hat-trick in the world of disinfectants 

Experts talk about a hat-trick when a player score three successive goals in one match. This is exactly what happened twice  in our sterilisation department. Three times in a row, Lautenschläger as a Cologne based company donated a steriliser for our operations unit. Reinhard Berger, as a technician, assisted three times with training our hospital technicians in how to install the equipment on site.

Bergers mit Markus
Reinhard and Gerti Berger with Markus Rolli (centre). The Bergers helped Diospi Suyana for the third time.

In April 2011 and at their own expense the Berger family travelled to Peru to provide a qualified service of our first two sterilisers. In July 2013 Reinhard Berger trained our technician, Markus Rolli, at Bingen (Germany) Heilig Geist Hospital in how to use the equipment. The Bergers were seen again in Curahuasi on 15 April 2014, installing steriliser no. 3 this time. Our esteem and gratefulness go to the Lautenschläger company, the Berger family and Markus Rolli. It is obvious now why theatre sister Katharina Hüttner (picture above) is beaming with delight.

Drei Steris
Three Lautenschläger sterilisers at Diospi Suyana Hospital
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