A Case Description on International Women’s Day

13 Jahre schwanger slider

A child, a destiny, a tale of sadness

Last week a mother came into the emergency room with her 13 year old daughter.  In just four weeks she will also become a mother.  The family lives 2 hours from Curahuasi in the surrounding mountains. About 8 months ago Leonarda Tuna* was raped by a stranger.  In Peru, a case such as this is rarely reported.  Then, last Wednesday, an accident happened in the field. A cow attacked the pregnant girl and slashed her midsection with its horn.

Surgeon Dr. Annette Haar cleaned and sealed the wound. The soft tissue injury will heal up to the due date, but the emotional trauma of the rape will accompany Leonarda for many years.

March 8 is International Women’s Day here. However, in Peru, there is often a big gap between legislation and the everyday reality of women. (*Name has been changed)

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