Cappell ze Grymolfingen – a gem among churches


And the best bit about it – it is full of life!

Historians know that the ancient Jakobuskirche zu Ulm-Grimmelfingen was built around 1300.  One could put the whole church into a museum and contemplate its moved history during its opening hours (Öffnungzeiten – fehlt das „s“).  But every Sunday people from near and far fill the church.  Why?  The answer is simple: Pastor Büchler and the church leadership live their lives as born-again Christians.  After a maximum of two minutes everyone can see that the visitors to the beautifully-decorated church have not taken their seats on the hard pews out of a sense of duty or tradition.  On the contrary: the fire of faith is burning in many hearts.  And because of this, many listeners are thankful and praise God for what He is doing in Diospi Suyana.  Any reference to God in this church is heartily welcome.  Since, where God is, there is hope.  And because hope lives here, the church is full.

Under the eyes of Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon and Pastor Alfred Büchler
A church full of life.
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