Detentions are no fun…

… but a necessary measure

The holiday programme has started at the Diospi-Suyana-School.  But sadly, as every year, pupils have to resit the exams since they did not achieve the goals of the past academic year.  They are given intensive extra tuition in which the most important contents of the school year are retaught.

This year it affects 28 pupils from the primary school in the subjects of languages and maths, 35 pupils from the secondary school in the subjects of maths, sciences and English and a further 18 who performed poorly in the final exams.

On the photos we see Profesor Alvino Hurtado teaching maths and Profesora Luz Herrera teaching languages.  They help to secure both the teaching quality and the study progress and also to reduce the gap between the stronger and the weaker students.

Through the pandemic Peru has once again fallen to the lowest rankings when it comes to educational quality.  At most state schools no lessons have taken place in the past two year – truly an educational disaster.  The children who are neglected at home have suffered the most.

The Education Ministry ordered that during the pandemic all the pupils automatically move up to the next grade, irrespective of whether they have reached the learning goals or not.  This idea is called “promoción guiada” (guided transfer). At our school we are not able and do not want to adhere to this contra productive rule.  Having liaised closely with their parents some pupils do then retake a school year that is definitely to their own advantage.

Due to the blatant insufficiency of the State’s educational system many families want their children to go to the Colegio Diospi Suyana.  As of yesterday 53 new pupils have been accepted.  7 weeks before the new school year starts most classes are full and we have a couple of long waiting lists.  This is good news, because it means that we can definitely pay all our staff.  The extreme growth in pupil numbers will be a challenge to the staff, especially because the new pupils with need a lot of extra tuition.

Please join us in praying that all pupils will be integrated well into the school and that our teaching staff has the extra dose of perseverance to successfully deal with this mammoth task. /CB

Loving support.