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Radio Diospi Suyana

Despite intense heat, 60 participants were present at Diospi Suyana’s information day

Many are prepared to move to Peru

Some participants were prepared to undertake a journey of five hours or more to attend the event.  Yesterday roughly 60 people showed their great interest in Diospi Suyana at Wiesbaden’s Christuskirche.  In several conversations many of those present expressed their hope to soon be working at the school or the hospital.

Diospi Suyana’s concept is mainly based on the missionaries working in an honorary capacity.  Since they are supported by a circle of friends, our budget in Peru is greatly lightened.  Furthermore, it is the living faith of non-national staff that is convincing and contributes to the good reputation of our institution.

Olaf Böttger, head of the Verein Diospi Suyana e.V.
Andreas Becker from the Kontaktmission had many useful bits of advice for future missionaries.
Question-time with Dr Martina John.
Corona-compliant seating; everyone wearing masks.