Oebele de Haan’s wish list

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Unfortunately a month too late for Father Christmas

Admittedly Diospi Suyana’s vehicle fleet is not the most modern.  Our two unimogs served in the Danish forces more than 30 years ago and are probably celebrating their 40th birthday before too long.  And constantly our mechanic Oebele de Haan repairs either the brakes, the clutch or the motor.  Our cars are in no better shape.  They again prove the point that everything in this world has its time.  And then we have our radio and TV channel.  Our media team would like to fly its flag in the district and in the near future in the State itself, but do not have a suitable vehicle.

The head of our workshops posted his wish list yesterday.  He dreams of Father Christmas pulling up to the Christmas Tree in our new unimog loaded with all our presents: it should have a tiltable bed, colour: plain white, and a mileage status of near zero.  For our TV-team Oebele would like a four-wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter.  Our Dutchman is known for his generosity.

Christmas 2016 is well and truly over and Santa will be spending the next 11 months relaxing at his home near the North Pole.  But we expect him to come again and perhaps he will surprise us.

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Oebele de Haan’s dream…
Oebele repairs the unimog’s motor for the n-th time.
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