The first construction report from Lima

Der Boden wird abgeschliffen

The guest house of Diospi Suyana is being renovated

Dear friends of Diospi Suyana and readers of the construction report, first of all I would like to wish you a Happy and Blessed Year 2016. I hope you were able to celebrate Christmas and enjoyed the holidays. Of course nobody worked here in Lima over the holidays- that’s why there was no construction report last week. In exchange there is a lot going on today! There are 5 carpenters and one plumber plus his aid in the house. In the morning there was a gardener around and for the late afternoon a certain Klaus-Dieter John announced his arrival, who wants to give a tour to the prospects for the housekeeper position.

The team of carpenters has finally sanded the last wooden floor today. Since they sanded the edges with a hand grinding machine there is dust dispersed through out the whole house. Hopefully that’s over now. After 3 rounds of sanding (rough, medium, fine), they started to apply the first layer of paint on the first floor. When the first layer is dry, they will fill the holes and finish the paint job.
The material for the dry walls for the additional bathrooms was delivered as well today.

The plumber, who is the electrician as well, is preparing the bathrooms now. That means that he is checking whether the existing water pipes are still ok orif they need to be exchanged. Tomorrow the floor tilers are supposed to start their work.
God’s blessings to you for the next week! Many thanks for your prayers! Johannes

Das Gelaender wird geschliffen
The floor is sanded (picture above) and the handrail of the stairway to the penthouse as well.
Der Gaertner stutzt einen Baum der ueer die Mauer wuchs
The gardener cuts a tree that grew over the wall.
Die Holzkonstruktion
Wall construction for the two new bathrooms inside.
Die Klempner beim tuefteln
The plumbers fiddling about.
und neu lackiert
The floor is painted.
Johannes mit Uebersicht
Every step is planned thoroughly.
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