The big task an hour after the school gates have closed

Janet Yachoua translates Diospi Suyana’s second book into English

For over thirty years now Her Majesty’s subject Janet Yachoua has been living in Germany.  In Wiesbaden she runs her own translation company and teaches at a school.  Those who know her well know that this agile woman spends a lot of her spare time helping out in her local church.  In a nutshell she has enough stress for two.

Friday afternoon.  In the State of Hesse the summer holidays have started.  The thoughts of many pupils and teachers are no longer in Germany, but on the towels of distant beaches.  Janet comes home and breathes a sigh of relief, when suddenly the telephone rings: “Janet, could you help us translate the book ‘God has seen us’?”

“My holidays started an hour ago; no peace for the wicked!” she replies drily.  But Janet does not lose her cool that quickly.  “By when do you need the translation?”

At 1:21 p.m. I receive the following email: “Hi Klaus, I have translated Dedication, Contents, Preface and Chapter 1 and have sent them to editor Jenn Baldwin.  Goal is two chapters a day. Janet.“ – That speed is faster than a speeding bullet.

Seven years ago Janet Yachoua translated the book “I have seen God” working in an honorary capacity into The Queen’s English.  The US-American Jenn Baldwin made the necessary changes for the book to hit the American market. Both the Spanish and the Romanian translations are based on Janet’s version, and New Zealand couple Janet und Geoff Benge‘s book for young people “Hope in the Andes” is also based on her version.  Almost 30,000 readers have benefitted from the hard work Janet did back then.

Both times, back in 2010 and now in 2017, Mrs Yachoua did not lose many words.  One thing she said without words was crystal clear: “I am doing it for God!” /KDJ

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