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The Media Center’s First Stone

Mit höchster Konzentration wird der erste Stein gesetzt

Now it goes up

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, as already indicated last week, we are now beginning the work of the ground floor of the media center.  First, the supports are concreted, then the gaps are filled with reinforced masonry.  This construction is typical of earthquake prone regions, such as Peru.

In total, we have 37 columns.  The rebar are set up to the roof, but concreted only to the floor block.  We are able to create four columns each day. As construction manager, I had the honor of setting the first stone.  However, its good that it was only one block because the mason-men can do it better and much faster.  Now I know why I am a civil engineer and not a master mason.

The school received an important visitor this week.  The architect couple Tina and Cornelius Linder were here in Curahuasi for another project and were able to see for the first time the colegio that they had planned.  Praise was not only given for the good execution, but also for the design and planting of the outdoor areas.  This week the jungle plants were set in the school garden and although it looks good now, in 40 years it may really look like a jungle!

Also, in constructing the media center, the architects were able to give me valuable tips for fine-tuning.  The plans were made by only two recreational architects, but whose names might be familiar to you.  A certain Dr. Klaus-Dieter John and a certain Johannes Bahr.

Wishing you a blessed weekend, Johannes B.

Doch die Profis koennen das besser und schneller
The professionals can do it better and faster.
Eine Stuetze wird bewehrt
A support being reinforced.
Die ersten Stützen wurden bereits betoniert und auch die ersten Mauern stehen schon
The first pillars are concreted and some walls begin to rise.
In der Schule wurde der Dschungel gepflanzt
The school “jungle” was planted.