The first report about the hospitals extension

Abbau Dach John
Of course by construction engineer Udo Klemenz

Dear friends of Diospi Suyana, the readers of the Diospi Suyana homepage have already known for a while, that the hospital with its 50 beds has become too small. The extension of two wings of the one story bed-wing, which had already been planned in the beginning, has become acute. Through this construction phase the hospitals capacity will be increased to 100 beds. In addition there will be a second intensive care unit, a conference hall, an additional staircase and an emergency exit bridge to a higher level outside area added.

My wife Barbara and I have accepted the anew calling and we arrived for our 5th work commitment in Curahuasi on the 1st of May. Johannes, my interim successor, left for family reasons on April 30th and went back to Lima.

The architectural planning has kindly been taken over again by the office of “Bauidee Lindner” in 91207 Lauf. Cornelius and Tina Lindner even arrived for a week to discuss all details with me in person at the site. The statistical calculations of the construction are again in the secure hands of Jürgen Engel, the senior boss of the same name office in 49497 Mettingen.

My first week of work was filled with preparations such as equipping the construction office, ordering material, inspecting the staff etc. On Monday we started dismantling the roof over the wing with the two-bed rooms. Just as we are used to, everything was done by manual labor. The plan is to reuse the roofing material one level higher without buying any additional material. The work went fast making it possible to start with the wall construction soon.

The substructure for the acoustic ceiling in the TV station, the cable trench and the installation of the empty tubes for the power circuit connection in the Media Center, as well as a new motorcycle shelter for the many motorcycles of our coworkers (designed by our chief of workshop Oebele de Haan) were finished in this one week as well.

This much from the construction activity in the hospital. Wishing you a nice and blessed Pentecost weekend.

1 Tina und Cornelius Linder in meinem Baubuero
The architects Cornelius and Tina Lindner in the office of engineer Udo Klemenz
2 bei Herrn Engel in Mettingen
Udo Klemenz at the structural engineer Mr. Engel in Mettingen
3 Die ersten Dachplatten sind abgenommen
The first shingles are taken off
4 Demontage der Lueftungshauben
Dismantling the ventilation system
5 Dachpfetten werden abgeflext
The roof frame is taken apart with a circular saw
7 Abtransport der 400 kg schweren Sparren nach unten
Lifting the 400 kg rafters off the roof
8 Alle 5 Sparrenpaare sind gut gelandet
All five rafters came down safely
9 Die Unterkonstruktion für die Akkustikdecke
The understructure for the acoustic ceiling
10 Der Stromanschluss wird hergestellt
The powerline for the media center
11 Der neue Motorradunterstand
The new motorcycle shelter- a further project of Oebele de Haan
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