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Radio Diospi Suyana

Definitely no Aldi, but a supermarket of sorts

Living and shopping in Curahuasi

Two Quechua-women are talking outside a small supermarket. A dog is standing on guard.  Every month the range of goods increases and, if you are lucky you will find a delicious bit of chocolate on the shelves.  The prices, however, are rather high.  At the checkout you can even pay by Mastercard!

The owner waits until 3a.m. for buyers.  He thinks it is worth it,since many lorry-drivers are still on the roads after midnight and might buy a snack or a bite to eat.

15 years ago it would have been totally unthinkable to see such a supermarket in Curahuasi.  But tempora mutantur.  Since 2007 hundreds of thousands have come to the village to be treated at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  Today you not only find many hotels and restaurants, but also improved shopping possibilities. (Photo Family Welch)