Death of a son

You go when Guido del Castillo invites you. The mine’s owner paid for the steel in our roof in 2006. In the next weeks he will also donate the fountain for the hospital.

When I arrived in Curahuasi after my journey to Germany, there was an invitation from Mr. Del Castillo on my desk.

The museum, Museo Andres del Castillo, was inaugurated yesterday in memory of his son, who died while skydiving two years ago.

I arrived in time in the venerable building which has a 400 year history. The police at the entrance show that there are important people inside. The president Alan Garcia and his wife Pilar Nores de García are the guests of honor today.

I left after the president’s speech as I had a meeting with the company Neptunia. The Peruvian company would like to make an illustrated book about the hospital Diospi Suyana and a PR-team wants to plan further steps with me.

Publicity or no publicity – I am grateful that my three children are alive.


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