The Word for this (Mon)day is taken from the Rheinische Post


Written by the chairman of the foundation council “Niederrheinische Diakoniestiftung“

The article written in the Rheinische Post (a newspaper widely read in North-Rhine West-Palatinate, printed in Düsseldorf) was entitled: “Trust? Trust!” Moers. The missionary hospital Diospi Suyana in Peru is called El Hospital de la Fe – hospital of hope, by the locals.  Two people realised a dream they had at school: study medicine and help the poor in the Third World.

Without the necessary means and a supporting network the two of them headed for Peru armed only with their vision and their unwavering trust in God.

Something inconceivable was beginning to emerge.  When talking with journalists of how to drum up support (especially donations in kind to equip the hospital) and how to raise the level of awareness, they came up with no real ideas.  But in any case the aspect of trusting in God and relying on him for help, seemed very fishy to them; they advised us to stop it: “It is not the done thing”.

A star-journalist writing for a weekly magazine with 1.2 million readers described the project as follows: “If faith can move mountains it can also shake wallets and move hearts and the authorities.  This faith has overcome nightmare bureaucracy, deep scepticism and many outright rejections.  It has driven around blocked roads, shredded mathematical arguments and is the causa sine qua non that Protestants and Catholics work side by side (even in Peru).”

Scientists know that things exist beyond the realm of reality that contradict all human reasoning.  Anton Zeilinger, a leading microcosm scientist, can well imagine that a God exists, who continues to interfere in what happens here on earth.

Perhaps we should be mindful of this when we speak words during Christmas season that seem to be unbelievable, because in them a world shines through, which we cannot explain with our material view of the world.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas season!

Dr. Joachim Reuter, chairman of the foundation council “Niederrheinische Diakoniestiftung“

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