The year 2016 – from July to December


Six months we will never forget

Two weeks after the rape of one of our Swiss volunteers, the local police organised a self-defence course for the women of our mission on 30th July.  The ladies impressed with their big talent and their valiant attitude.

400 guests, bathed in the light of the setting sun, delight in the event.

On 31st August Diospi Suyana opened a new field of activity: we celebrated the inauguration of our new Media Centre at which Pilar Nores, the former First Lady of Peru, and the administrative director of the political magazine Caretas were present.

Pilar Nores’ third visit

After the inauguration of the hospital on 31st August 2007 and the founding of our dental and optical clinic on 26th June 2010, we now launched our Media Centre “Diospi-Suyana Radio TV“. We hope to reach the whole of Peru with our first class radio programme, whose slogan is “With the world’s best message.”  In the nearer catchment area we will also provide a TV channel.

A camera crew from America TV in the morning service.

America TV, Peru’s biggest TV station, filmed the premises of the hospital and of the school on 20th September.  A few days later, two eight-minute films were broadcast on Channel 4 and Channel N – an estimated audience of one million Peruvians saw the positive coverage.

In front of 400 pupils of Devenish School, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

In October Dr John held a series of talks in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The missionary doctors John have now visited 23 countries, in which they have given talks and presentations about the work of faith Diospi Suyana.

In the magazine Caretas.

The political magazine Caretas had a four-page coverage on Diospi Suyana.  It was the most religious article the magazine had published since it was founded in 1950.  Long discussions with Caretas’ editors were held prior to the article’s publication.

A new anesthesia machine

In October Diospi Suyana received three large donations in kind.  Dräger, a company in Lübeck, donated a new anaesthesia machine as well as several Bilirubinometers among other things. The donation had a value of € 70,000.

For eight years now Agfa has been linked by a longstanding friendship to Diospi Suyana.

Agfa GmbH sent a new digitizer for the x-ray department worth € 17,000.

Oebele de Haan, head of the service department, and building engineer, Udo Klemenz, comprehend the value of the compressor.

Diospi Suyana received a brand new oxygen compressor from Rix, valued at €20,000. The company is based in California.

Many were very excited in the run up to the opening of our art exhibition.

On Friday 21st October parents, teachers, pupils and all interested Curahuasinos could finally enter the school’s future dining hall and marvel at the exhibits: 22 drawings, a couple of oil paintings and one photo collage.  Manuela Lara from Columbia had organised this cultural highlight.  Director Christian Bigalke heads the school with great skill and tremendous commitment.

Will we find water?

Due to chronic water-shortage in Curahuasi Diospi Suyana drilled a well on the school grounds.  The project, which had a financial volume of € 25,000, was a success.

In November urologist Dr David Brady performed his 1,500th operation in the missionary hospital. His excellent results ensure a steady and large stream of patients, who normally have to wait four weeks to get an appointment.

Diospi Suyana can perform operations in the areas of general surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, urology and ophthalmology.  Dr Tim Boeker will head the new traumatology department starting in March 2017.

Lines of waiting children meet the eye wherever it looks.

Patricia Piepiora, assisted the Diospi-Suyana-Childrens-Club to organise a big children’s festival in our own amphitheatre on 26th November, which 800 grown-ups and children attended.

A festive atmosphere and a midsummer night’s dream in November: Peru makes it possible.

The event climaxed in a musical performed by 50 children from the Diospi-Suyana-School, conducted by Sophia Oester.  The Childrens-Clubs are Diospi Suyana’s oldest sector of work in Peru.  The first club was found in 2005 by Lyndal Maxwell and Dr Martina John.

Dr Ursula Buck is overjoyed.

The superintendent of Apurimac’s Medical Association awarded our opthalmologist, Dr Ursula Buck, her life-long license.  The application process through the official channels took more than two years.  The ceremony was held in the ballroom of Apurimac’s Medical Association in Abancay on 28th November.  Currently four missionary doctors have been awarded this life-long license.

Dr John speaks through a megaphone to the pressing crowd in front of the hospital’s main entrance.

The number of patients coming to the Hospital Diospi Suyana increases from year to year.  They come mainly from the States of Cusco, Puno, Madre de Dios and Apurimac.  On 5th December an angry crowd of 200 demanded admission to the hospital.  The 300 patients and relatives already waiting inside had already burst the hospital’s capacity.

View on the hospital’s extension.

By December building engineer Udo Klemenz and his team had finished the structural work and will start the interior work in January 2017.

A Christmas Party in a tin of sardines.

Diospi Suyana’s Christmas Party for all its staff on 15th December was surely a highlight of 2016.  Even though the 224 attendees greatly reduced the freedom of movement in the hall, everyone enjoyed the party which balanced joyful and reflective moments.

A Christmas service to celebrate the real reason for Christmas: Christ the Redeemer is born!

Six days later pupils, teachers and parents celebrated Jesus’ birth in the School’s sports hall.

Looking back on 2016 we can see that Diospi Suyana has made huge steps forward in all its fields of activity.  We as employees trust God and want to honour him through our words and deeds.  God’s abundant blessing, not our hard work is the reason for the amazing development of our organisation.

We thank our friends worldwide for their support for Diospi Suyana.  We wish all of you a blessed start to 2017.

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