The year 2016 – from January to June


We never run out of worthwhile projects

The renovation work of our Guesthouse was running at full speed until the end of January.  Six bathrooms were installed, walls, floors and ceilings were renovated.  The building in the district of Surco not only offers our visitors a safe dwelling place, but is also Diospi Suyana base station in the capital.

Johannes Bahr keeps control of the situation.

Engineer Johannes Bahr, who comes from Regensburg, was in charge of the project.  At the same time he watched over the building of the Media Centre in Curahuasi.  For three years he worked as a volunteer for our Mission.

A cosy atmosphere in our Guesthouse.

Even though visitors can only book the rooms from March 2016, we already have 700 overnight guest registrations until year end.

This crane is another one Oebele de Haan’s amazing inventions.

Diospi Suyana’s next big project started in February.  Our building-crew installed 2,000m² of panels above of the apartments, in the administration and under the hospital’s roof.  Thus we could substantially improve the fire safety, the moisture protection and the sound proofing.  Furthermore, these areas also provide storage space.

Jürgen Waltersbacher planned the whole project.

The funding volume for this extensive building project was €70,000 of which €50,000 was donated by companies and individuals.  Jürgen Waltersbacher paid for the panels, CMA sponsored the sea-transport for the seven containers and the logistic company Triton took care of the domestic transport at zero cost.

The public tender took place in Lima’s Country Club.

The Deputy Minister for Communications attended the event marking Diospi Suyana obtaining a radio frequency for the Andahuaylas Province on 18th March.  0.17 million people live in its catchment area.

Master carpenter Burkhard Jochum spent his annual leave in Curahuasi.

Between March and April Burkhard Jochum and his team installed the acoustic panels in the Colegio’s sports hall and later that month Diospi Suyana bought dark curtains for the windows.  Thus the multi-purpose hall has a good acoustic and can be easily darkened for events.

Udo and Barbara Klemenz returned to Peru at the end of April.

Originally the couple had left Peru for good back in June 2014.  But life is full of surprises: the building engineer is back at the helm of all of Diospi Suyana’s building projects since the end of April.

The roof of the hospital is deconstructed.

A few days later the roof of the rear section of the hospital was taken down so that a whole new floor could be built on the existing hospital.  14 patient rooms, an emergency unit and two conference rooms should be ready to use this time next year.

In the big tent in Aidlingen.

On 15th May Dr John spoke for an hour to 4,500 mostly young adults attending the Whitsun Conference in Aidlingen: the audience was captivated.

The 15,000th eye-patient.

The 15,000th eye-patient came to our hospital on 27th May.  The Quechua-Indian had come from the distant Puno State.  Dr Ursula Buck operated on her cataract.

In the Magazine of the Sächsische Zeitung (Saxonian Newspaper)

Roughly 600,000 inhabitants living in the German State of Saxony read about Diospi Suyana on 11th June.  The article, which used up two-thirds of the page, was entitled “God the builder” and focused on our trust in God’s existence.  Most of the newspaper’s readership comes from an atheist background.

A big commemorative event in Diospi-Suyana-School’s sportshall.

Even though the Diospi-Suyana-School was opened on 14th March 2014, the official ceremony was moved to 21st June, at which the pupils performed a musical conducted by Sophia Oester.

The patient can hardly believe her luck: from left to right: Elisabeth Franke, Dr. Jens Haßfeld, the patient and her husband and the head of administration, Stefan Seiler.

Dr Jens Haßfeld, in his role as deputy head of the hospital, welcomes the 200,000th patient.  The mother of eight came with her husband from Puno.  She needed three days to cover the journey from her village to Curahuasi.  To mark the event the Quechua Indian received a big hamper and free treatment.  Head of administration Stefan Seiler (on the right of the picture) coordinates and structures the manifold areas of activity of Diospi Suyana in an exemplary way.

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