This is what our patients say

Stapel Fragebogen
Grateful patients and grateful employees

For some time we have been asking our patients on their day of discharge to provide us with their honest opinion about the hospital Diospi Suyana. We give each patient a questionnaire with six questions: asking about their experience at the hospital. Before leaving the hospital, patients can hand at the cashbox office, either anonymously or with their name on it.

The stack on the right side shows the questionnaires, in which all questions were answered with “Yes”. In other words, the patients were thoroughly satisfied with the treatment they received. The stack on the left side contains mostly questionnaires in which normally only one of the six questions was six questions were answered negatively. The gratitude and satisfaction of the people, who have spent several days at the hospital, are simply overwhelming.

Many patients have expressed this grateful in their own words. One patient writes, “My suggestion is that you build new hospitals, just like Diospi Suyana, in other provinces of Peru. Many heartfelt thanks. I’m going home gratefully!”

Neues Krankenhaus woanders
Endless comments include this message: “Thank you so much for the Hospital Diospi Suyana”.
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