The most international team of floor layers of all times

21 days until the big anniversary celebration

Dear Diospi Suyana Friends, this week I can only report on moderate progress, which remained far behind our expectations.

Our hopes were dashed that work would start on the amphitheatre’s canopy roof.  The troupe of metal workers, which last week had so brilliantly erected the steel construction, left last Saturday and this week one must sadly state: “the lake rests calmly.”  We wait and see, whether material and workmen will come this weekend.

Five “specialists” from Chile, Brazil and Lima arrived last Sunday and on Monday this international team started their work in the Dental Clinic.  The Lingua Franca was a mixed blend of Portuguese, Spanish and English with a bit of German thrown in for good measure.  On Tuesday they took up work in two operating theatres.  The modus operandi had to be coordinated with both the dentists and also the operating surgeons.  That evening three dental treatment rooms and two operating theatres were finished.  No work was done on Wednesday in the Dental Clinic since four dentists were performing operations that day.  Work in the outstanding two operating theatres will commence this Friday afternoon and will hopefully be finished over the weekend.  Thus at least all the doctors were “happy” and could work as planned.  In the meantime all five treatment rooms in the Dental Clinic have been completed.

Totally unexpectedly the existing screed in the new buildings needed to be pretreated in order to reach a sufficient adhesion for the new type of self-adhesive caoutchouc flooring.  Initially we could use some 2-component epoxy-material left over from the school’s construction, which was still on the building site, and thus we were able to treat roughly half of the to-be-covered-area.  What happens with the other half is currently still unclear.

In the remaining two working weeks until the big anniversary celebration all sorts of small necessary remaining jobs will be done, which I won’t list here.

All construction work at our five aerial tower sites is complete.

Until next Friday cordial greetings from Curahuasi and wishing you a blessed week, Udo


When will the Loma (canopy roof) finally arrive?
André Bacher removes the dentist’s chair especially for the floor layers.
Dentist Dr Nikolaus von Abendroth can treat his patients on the new flooring.
The edge-joints are sealed with an elastic hybrid-polymer-sealant.
A new technology of the company NORA for the caoutchouc flooring.
The floor having been pretreated with epoxy resin reflects the lamps as if it were an ice sheet.
Varnishing the door frames.
Fitting the ventilation grilles.
Several door locks are waiting in my office to be moved to their final resting place.
The excavated trench in which the connecting cables of the new solar system will be laid.
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