The roof is almost finished


Soon it can rain for as long and as heavy as it wants to

Dear Friends, unfortunately my hopes for calm and dry weather were dashed, but we are progressing every day and in a few days the rain won’t bother us anymore.

All of the buildings’ façades except the stairwell have been plastered on the outside; now work on the inside begins.  The final roof of the stairwell has been concreted and Oebele de Haan’s lift has been worth its weight in gold, as we did not have to specially erect the special concrete-lifter. The walkway around the stairwell has also been concreted.

The welding of the tilted metal profiles which support the fire safety boards is progressing well – we are well over halfway.  Putting the boards themselves in place is one of the next challenges coming our way.

The roof construction of the third stage of construction is 99% complete and is getting its final covering.

For a couple of hours last weekend one could admire a rare natural phenomenon in Germany: a halo. Best regards and have a blessed weekend, Udo.

The roof of the stairwell is ready to be concreted.
Oebele de Haan’s, the workshop manager, lift can be used in an amazing number of ways: here it is helping us concrete.
The next stage has been completed.
Mounting the cross beams for the fire safety boards.
Most of the cross beams are now in place.
It won’t be long and the third construction stage will be covered over.
The roofs have been connected.
Working on the roof of the stairwell.
A rare natural phenomenon: a halo.
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