Coordinated action at six locations

And an unbelieveable joint effort

Because the company Intelsat regrouped the frequencies on their satellites, many customers – Diospi Suyana included – had to tune their transmitting stations to new frequencies.

The modifications had to be done by the end of January.  In an action lasting two days (27th and 28th January) Chris Welch coordinated and monitored everything from Australia, while several teams worked at six different locations with full concentration.

Via telemetry Chris Welch was able to make the necessary changes in Curahuasi and Andahuaylas (white dots on the map).  Doris Manco made the six-hour journey to Casabamba located on the border of Ayacucho State with technician Isaa Panies and driver Donato Cabrera (green dot).  Christian Oswald and Cesar Mosqueira drove ten hours from Curahuasi to Echarate, located at the heart of Cusco State (blue dot).  Technician Luis Condori flew from Lima in the south first to Puno, where he performed the necessary changes, and then drove 15 hours cross-country to Puerto Maldonado (yellow dots).  Doris Manco was in charge of the logistical planning.

A couple of minutes ago Chris Welch confirmed via telephone that the project was completed successfully.  Diospi Suyana congratulates all participants for their excellent efforts under time pressure.  (S)He who completes this challenge can even meet greater ones.  And the time will come. /KDJ

Mastermind Chris Welch in Canberra, Australia at his computer
Doris Manco, head of our Media Centre, is always active and extremely resilient.
Isaac Panes in Casabamba’s transmission station at an altitude of more than 4,000m.
Technician Luis Condori in Puerto Maldonado (Eastern Peru).
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