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Cooperation-contract has been signed with the local government

Government, Public Health Authority and Diospi Suyana agree close cooperation

The Law office Olaechea played an important role in helping Diospi Suyana draft the agreement.  Before Corona hits Apurímac State the foundations for further action have been outlined in this document.

The State Government guarantees Diospi Suyana’s doctors and nurses while they work on the intensive care stations complete legal protection.  During the months of crisis the missionary hospital will be provided with staff and materials that the State will pay for.  Furthermore, the State will provide police protection for the hospital should public unrest arise.  The State acknowledges that all staff working at the Hospital Diospi Suyana have daily exposure to the virus and thus guarantees adequate treatment should one member of staff fall ill.  The authorities are forbidden misuse either equipment or staff of the missionary hospital.  The integrity of the hospital and of its staff remains assured.

Diospi Suyana agrees to treat up to 50 Corona-virus patients in the hospital itself and will make ten respirators available.  The primary focus is on patients living in the District of Curahuasi, but it goes without saying that if we have free beds we will naturally take on patients from other districts.

Governor Baltazar Lantarón Nuñez, Dr Claudio Quintana Espinoza (Head of the Health Authority) and Dr Klaus John signed the 8-page agreement.  Prior to the signing the missionary doctor reminded those present forcefully that the missionaries had decided to stay in Curahuasi despite their respective embassies offering them an evacuation to Europe.  The German-Peruvian closed his presentation with the words: “During this time of crisis full of risks and fear we are walking on the water fully trusting in God.”

We thank all colleagues and friends who during the two-hour long meeting prayed for a good result.  We especially want to thank the Law office Olaechea who supported us professionally free of charge.

Diospi Suyana’s delegation: administrative director Steven de Jager (left) rendered valuable preparatory work in many details.
(From left to right) Head of the Health Authority DIRESA Dr Claudio Quintana Espinoza, Governor Baltazar Lantarón Nuñez and the missionary doctors John. Press photo with the interpersonal safety distance of one metre.


From the book that serves as a template for countless sayings

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans. (Proverbs 16:3)