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Container#72 has been packed, sealed and declared

One of Diospi Suyana’s most valuable containers

Within no time the Container was full.  What sounds so easy, was in reality the result of hard work.  The Diospi-Suyana-Community thanks Detlev Hofmann, Olaf and David Böttger, Simon Undt and Florian John for their fantastic work.

Olaf Böttger, the association’s CEO, conscientiously compiled the list for Customs.  Container#72 holds 6.5tonnes spread out over 167 items of luggage and will be brought to the coast and loaded onto one of CMA’s container ships.  When hearing the word ‘item of luggage’ your inner eye should not imagine a piece of luggage on a airport’s conveyor belt.  Among other things there is a trailer-lifting-platform weighing 2.000 kg inside.  Many private individuals and companies contributed not second- nor third-hand stuff, but brand-new products with a total value of USD 0.3mio. Container#72 started its journey Peru-wards yesterday.

Despite Corona and logistical difficulties Diospi Suyana is alive and growing.  Since its beginnings in August 2002 countless people have developed and invested in it passionately and we continue to experience God’s blessings in amazing and breath-taking ways. /KDJ

Watching an empty container turn into a full one.
Florian John: having passed his Abitur (the German equivalent of A-Levels) he is equipped with unbelievable energy.