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Radio Diospi Suyana

Container#70 is rolling along Peruvian roads

And is due to arrive at the Hospital Diospi Suyana on Saturday

Yesterday Peruvian Customs released Container#70.  It is a two-day journey by road from Lima to Curahuasi.  Among other things the big steel container is transporting all the necessary parts for our outside lift.  We can never guarantee a safe arrival: landslides, accidents and even robberies are part and parcel of every day Peruvian life.

DHL paid for the container’s transport through Germany, CMA its sea transport.  Most of its contents testify to several companies‘ generosity.  Diospi Suyana was again able to use Medipool’s storehouse.  And we must not forget the voluntary helpers who had worked hard loading the container before Christmas.  A big thank you to all involved!

In a nutshell this container is a further proof of unbelievable solidarity of the kind that one rarely finds these days.