Container No. 16 Packed Just a Few Minutes Ago

It´s 13pm in Wiesbaden and for the first time a small, 20-foot shipping container has been packed at the warehouses of Stoss Medica. Its contents, destined for the mission hospital, include vital pieces of equipment valued at approximately $500,000USD. It includes:

– 4 anethesia machines from Draeger Medical

– 1 infant ventilator for Draeger Medical

– 1 neonatal resuscitation table from Draeger Medical (for newborns)

– 10 pulse-oximeters from Covidien (to measure oxygen saturation levels)

– 3 fetal monitors from Philips (for checking women in labor)

– 4 video endoscopes from Pentax (for investigating the stomach and intestines)

– 1 bronchoscope ( for looking at the lungs)

– Various pieces of equipment for Urology from Olympus

– 1 EKG machine donated by Dr Jaekle from Freudenstadt

– 1 physiotherapy table

– Various thermometers

And more……

This time Detlev Hofmann (from Stoss Medica) and Olaf Boettger did all the packing themselves. We send our thanks for their hard work.

Meanwhile, the mission hospital Diospi Suyana is developing more and more into one of the most modern hospitals of Peru outside of the capital, Lima. Our purpose was to establish a hospital in the mountainous country of the indigenous people that would demonstrate not only love and respect but also provide a high quality of medical care. This dream has come to fruition. We are convinced that this astonishing result can be explained only by God’s blessing. KDJ

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