Construction Progresses According To Our Finances

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana,

After a few days with nice summer temperatures of about 25 degrees Celsius, the weather changed dramatically and we now see a lot of fresh snow in the mountain ranges. Yesterday, it didn’t get any warmer than 15 degrees Celsius.

Given our financial situation, we are currently focusing our work on manual labor. Unlike many other countries, labor is cheap here in Peru, but the cost of supplies and materials are quite high.

The hole for the sewage treatment plant has been dug and we are laying the sewage piping. We have also started to prep the site were the solar equipment is to be installed.

The first four apartments, which will be used as offices, now have windows, their bathrooms are being tiled, the doors put in and the painter has begun the paint job. Unfortunately, we have not yet received the materials for the suspended ceilings.

Furthermore, we have installed bars on the windows to protect against burglars.

Next week, we are expecting to receive a VAT credit of about $50,000 from the Peruvian IRS. This will give us the means to purchase more construction supplies and materials.

Please pray that we may find a donor of supplies for the interior built-out, so we can really get started with this part of the construction process.

Greetings from the construction site!


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