Completely healed from cancer

A patient living in the rainforest thanks God and Dr Jens Haßfeld

Fabiola Reátegui speaks openly about her medical past so much so that she gladly lets herself be interviewed in the radio studio.  It is not a matter of course that she is still alive.

October 2015: the 45 year-old living in Puerto Maldonado (in the rainforest) is given a shocking diagnosis: cervical cancer.

She was advised to go for treatment at one of Lima’s or Arequipa’s large hospitals, but the expected costs put a damper on her enthusiasm to go there.  “Why don’t you go to the Hospital Diospi Suyana where qualified doctors look after you for a very reasonable price!?”  This bit of advice given by a family friend brightened up Fabiola’s horizon.

November 2015: gynaecologist Dr Jens Haßfeld performs a cancer operation.  Her womb has to be completely removed.  Furthermore, the lymphoid glands are removed from her pelvic area.  The cut edges are free from tumour cells and the pathological examination of the lymphoid glands brings good news: no metastases.

For five years Fabiola has been coming for regular check-ups.  With a sigh of relief she speaks into the microphone: “I have won the battle against cancer!”  We most cordially congratulate the patient and join in her and Dr Haßfeld’s joy that everything turned out well.

At the end of the conversation Fabiola stated that she is a keen listener of our radio channel.  She especially likes the prayer-nights that happen on the first Friday of each month.  Throughout the whole night listeners can call in and ask for prayer for their specific prayer requests.  During those Friday evenings and Saturday mornings Fabiola is glued to her UKW-radio.  She puts all her hope in God who answers our prayers in accordance with his will.

Martín Sánchez (left) from Radio Diospi Suyana asks many questions.
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