Company Christmas parties at hospital and school

276 guests experienced three beautiful hours

Despite the state of emergency and in the midst of political uncertainties, Diospi Suyana employees celebrated the traditional Christmas party. Of course, there was food, drinks and gifts. Doris Manco, director of the media center, recalled in her devotion God’s faithfulness in the past years. Dr. Klaus John – who had arrived from Lima shortly before – showed during a review of the year that also in 2022 all working areas of Diospi Suyana have made tremendous progress.

Diospi Suyana is and remains a work of faith that develops in trust in God. Dr. Lukas Steffen led the program in the hospital church. He said, “We’re already used to new developments to marvel at on a regular basis!” His statement hit the mark. Yesterday, too, the focus was on the Christmas message. The employees at our plant don’t just want to celebrate it, they want to live it first and foremost – 365 days a year. /KDJ

The food at the school and hospital consisted of turkey, roasted potatoes and pasta salad. School principal Matthias Rehder (left) in a blue suit.
Christmas carols at the beginning.
One of the many tables. On the left sits hospital pastor Marco Acuña with his wife Selene.
Sonja Müller, foreman in the dental laboratory (left), behind her sits Sabine Teicher, head of nursing. Far right Dentist Dr. Hanna Tielmann
Happy look and the general waiting for the turkeys.
The hospital waiting room was also filled with tables.
There was a Christmas box for each Peruvian employee.
Group picture of the school staff
The Peruvians each gave the Missonars a delicious Christmas braid cake.
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