Comments that hit the nail on the head

From a spectator at a showing of the Diospi Suyana film (to his mother): At Diospi Suyana your eyes start leaking

Reader from Frankfurt/Oder: The “Seeing God” book is like rainwater on parched plants of faith

Editor of large daily newspaper: Diospi Suyana is a good idea that has caught on


Finnish medical student (Helsinki): Anybody hearing the Diospi Suyana story wants to help, regardless of their beliefs.


Finnish Urologist (Vaasa): Diospi Suyana is a new concept. Providing poor patients in the third world with the same standard of treatment as in the rich is a completely new approach.


Doctor from Finland: The story of Diospi Suyana is a miracle!


Member of the audience at a presentation in Erlangen: Being Christians we are to a certain extent not surprised at what God is doing at Diospi Suyana because we believe He can do it. Still, it is overwhelming that He is doing it.


Today (Monday) Dr. John is returning to Peru.

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