Coming Soon; A Satellite Service

Hi Klaus and Olaf,

With somewhat better weather last week, we are now back to heavy rain every morning (photo 1).

The roofs of the outpatient clinic and the hospital workshop are finished, while the roofing was stopped on the kitchen buidling since we are still waiting for some steel sections to be sent from Lima. We are moving along with the concrete work for the second-floor administration offices (photo 2).

People are still busy working on the outdoor theater, both the seating area as well as the stage which is almost finished (photo 3).

As of Saturday, the construction site will be closed due to the Easter holidays and the general elections. Only a group of 12 from the area of Curahuasi will continue their work on the amphitheater. In Peru, it is mandatory for everybody to vote in their hometown, and that’s why most of the workers have left for Lima.

And a good piece of news: After a lot of back-and-forth, the salellite dish (which had been traported to Cusco accidentally) has now arrived, and is currently being installed (photo 4). Once it is up and running, I will write more.

Greetings from Curahuasi, Udo

For more information, please read our news story from March 3, 2006. (Simply click: Do You Believe In Miracles?) There is a special story about the previously mentioned satelite dish, which overrides all rules of probability.