Classroom teaching resumes after 18 months

With the permission of the Ministry of Education

531 days!  For so many days no classroom teaching happened at the Colegio Diospi Suyana.  On Monday we received the good news from the Ministry of Education: since we comply with all hygiene regulations our school building at the edge of Curahuasi can open its doors again!

By means of a rotating system only some pupils are in the classroom while the others are connected online.  Likewise in the kindergarten the children can do handiwork, puzzles and laugh.  One can clearly feel everyone’s joy, both teachers, pupils and parents. /JR

Temperature-checks at the entrance.  On the left one can see the rules for the running of the school.
Cleanliness and hygiene are crucially important.
The children in Curahuasi are more delighted that school has started again than the pupils in Germany that they now have holidays.
Matthias Rehder whilst teaching.  Many pupils are taking part from home via Zoom.
Distance! Also in the Kindergarten.