Churches of Curahuasi Are Very Grateful

Last Sunday, the John and Klemenz families visited a small Protestant church community in Curahuasi. Many Christians here pray and fast regularly for the success of Diospi Suyana. Twice, Dr. John was asked to deliver a short sermon. After the service, everybody was invited to have some vegetable soup. Although they are poor, the Quechua Christians are very hospitable and share what they have.

Many church communities want to participate in the construction of the amphitheater by sending work teams. Diospi Suyana is a project that has been widely embraced by the people of Apurimac.

Picture 1: Quechua children singing a song.

Picture 2: About 50 believers met in a simple clay church. Engineer Klemenz enjoying his soup in the first pew to the right.

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