Christmas in March for Diospi Suyana

We were finally able to breathe – the goods worth $200,000USD had arrived.

Then we took another deep breath – everything had to be unloaded by hand.

It is almost like Christmas at the hospital because the container held “presents” for nerly everyone! The Maintenance Shop received a new Incinerator. The Operating Rooms are now equippedwith good instrument tables. There were 2 freezers and a big dishwasher for the kitchen. The Intensive Care Unit should be happy with 130 infusion pumps and the hospital ward has new sheets and pillowcases to stock their cupboards, ready for “D-Day”. For the waiting areas there were 150 chairs in rows.

Timo Klingelhöfer will soon have the 50 internal phones ringing. The Pharmacy is stacked in all corners with donated drugs. Every department in the hospital will benefit from the 3000 IV bags donated from the Braun Company.

At the end of the day, the 2 second-hand vehicles are parked under our roof. All the equipment is present for the oxygen and suction systems. Their value alone stands at more than $30,000 USD. Dear old Santa Claus (or was it the Easter Bunny?!) even thought of the Laundry. A large amount of laundry detergent should keep the dirt at bay for the next 6 months!

Of course, not only the big packages are worth mentioning, but so too are the many small packages that come our way. We are happy and grateful for all the donations that have made the sea voyage, cleared customs and found their way over the Andes Mountains.

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