Catholic priest reads three books in three days

And writes a sermon about them

Without a doubt Johannes Broxtermann is a passionate priest.  Week in, week out he preaches in the Catholic parish St Medardus in Lüdenscheid.  His sermon for coming Sunday has a special background.  Recently a certain Karin Busch, living in Essen, sent him three books.  At the speed that a young, keen reader would read Harry Potter he read all three books within 72 hours.  His congregation will hear the result of his reading on Sunday.  The titles of the books – all published by the Brunnenverlag – have deeply move Christians and non-Christians, Catholics and Protestants alike.

The question may well be asked: Is God more than an idea?

Pastor Broxtermann of the St. Medardus parish read 750 pages in three days. The English titels are: Ich have seen God and God has seen us. The books were published bei Lion Hudson (Oxford)

Now you can read the interesting contemplation of the Catholic churchman.

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