Career information day at the Diospi Suyana School

Students were wide awake and very interested

Tuesday is a day the students of the year’s graduating classes will probably never forget. 24 employees of the Diospi Suyana Hospital presented their professions. The spectrum ranged from medical fields of application to tasks in administration and workshops. The presentations focused on three questions:

1. what makes the profession?
2. where can you learn it?
3. where to find a job?

The young people pricked up their ears as the career counseling motivated them to dream about their own future.

An electrician at the hospital reports on his work profile.

Of course, there were many questions. Sometimes getting a taste of the real working world is the best answer. Therefore, some students will be given the opportunity to see the different workplaces at the hospital with their own eyes.

An MTA from the laboratory talks about her daily work routine.

The info day offered the boys and girls a variety of new ideas. Of course, which options are possible also depends on one’s own parental home. But the first seed of information was planted. With proper guidance and encouragement, the outlook is quite positive. Former American President Obama coined the slogan: Yes, we can! And at Diospi Suyana we add three words to the sentence: With God’s help!

Carpenter Sr. David Montesino explains his area of responsibility.