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Radio Diospi Suyana

Camping at the missionary hospital – tourist attraction or pilgrim’s journey?

Waiting for Monday

Is this the new trend?  Three tents have been erected opposite the hospital’s main entrance.  Sleeping under a tarpaulin sheet is far better than sleeping under the open skies outside the hospital grounds.  It is Sunday and those waiting outside know that they have to wait at least another 17/18 hours.  Naturally no one knows for certain, if they will get a coupon (entrance ticket) on Monday morning.  But they live in hope and the sun shines.

One meaning of the Quechua expression “Diospi Suyana” is “God is waiting for you”.  Many things in life are bought through an inner time of preparation.  Some patients come from far away to the Peruvian State of “Apurímac”, which translated means: “God speaks”.  Then they reach Curahuasi, where the house (Huasi) can be found in which people heal (Curar).  And finally they stand or lie in front of the hospital where “God is waiting for them”.  These terms remind us of a pilgrimage and, judging by feedback given by patients, this is what many visitors experience.

Sunday afternoon at the hospital’s entrance.  Waiting for Monday.