The book „ I have seen God “ soon to be published in Polish

Szaron Verlag slider
A project pubshed for by Jan Gosszyk

In March 2010, the book “I have seen God” was published in German. A few days later we received an email by a Pole, who offered to translate the book into the Polish language. Jan Gosszyk finished this mammoth project voluntarily. Afterwards he started the search for an interested publisher. Now the publishing house Szaron in the south of Poland and the publishing company Brunnen from Giessen signed the contract. Polish is after German, Spanish, English, and Romanian the fifth language, telling the history of Diospi Suyana.

At that time Jan Gosszyk wrote:” I am of the opinion, that God works through you and your coworkers. This book should be made known to the whole world to encourage others!” Diospi Suyana heartily thanks Mr. Gosszyk for his drive, his purposefulness, and his generosity.

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