Breaking News: Peruvian President welcomes Dr Klaus John

A detailed presentation for the President Martín Vizcarra

Despite inner-political mayhem the Peruvian Head of State offered a lot of his precious time in order to hear Diospi Suyana’s story in the Presidential Palace.  His general secretary was also present.  “I have heard a lot about you and your work,” remarked the President.  The missionary doctor pointed to God’s blessing which is so visible at Diospi Suyana.

“God knows us and he sees us.  Our prayers spoken under the bedclothes reach his ears!” commented Dr John and continued: “Mr President, we also pray regularly for you!”  The Head of the Hospital Diospi Suyana reported extensively about the many volunteers from overseas, hailing from several different countries, who want to serve the Peruvian people in an honorary capacity.  Martín Vizcarra thank Diospi Suyana on behalf of the Peruvian people for the selfless work performed by the missionaries and promised his future support.

The meeting with the Head of State was confirmed only the night before.  Since domestic flights are currently not possible, the German-Peruvian had to drive 14 hours through the night with a Peruvian acquaintance.  The effort definitely was worth it.

The Presidential Palace.

Die Vorderseite des Regierungspalastes

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