Breaking news: Green light for youth festival 2023 in Curahuasi

Municipality and Diospi Suyana signed contract agreement

Last night, the Curahuasi mayor, the five city councilors and Dr. John agreed on the details of an agreement that would put the planned youth festival on a legal footing. The five-day event means an economic booster for the resort’s hotels, restaurants and shopping stores. And for many District youth, the festival will bring lifelong memories.

Knowing the enormous importance of a festival for Curahuasi, the City Hall commits to provide some of its facilities free of charge for the major events. Diospi Suyana takes over the organization and offers a 20% discount to the young people from Curahuasi. In any case, the participants’ contributions will cover only about one-third of the real costs. Diospi Suyana relies on sponsorship by Peruvian companies.

As the evening concerts are broadcast live in five states, Curahuasi will once again be in the public spotlight at the end of April 2023.

We are pleased about the good cooperation with the municipal administration. The agreement is valid for three years. Many unknown factors lie ahead. For this festival to be a success, we need – as always – God’s blessing. /KDJ

Shortly after 7 p.m.: The mayor Ing. Néstor Raúl Jara Pacheco and Dr. John hold the signed contract.