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Breaking news from Barcelona: Clie will publish “Walking on the Water”

The title of the Spanish version reads: “Caminando sobre las aguas”

Alfonso Triviño, CEO of the Spanish publishing house and Silvia Martinez from the production team just heard a Diospi Suyana update.  200 pictures flew over a white wall.  Scenes came to life that deal with fascinating experiences and inexplicable happenings.  “We are speechless”, was their comment.

Diospi Suyana is making bigger and bigger circles and after all its years of existence the missionary work has not lost any of its tension.  The founders of the publishing house as seen on the valuable painting on the wall behind are also deeply impressed.  If Dr John had three thumbs he would thumbs-up all of them.

The publishing house in Barcelona that will be celebrating its centenary in 2024 sells a large part of its books in South America.  Clie stands for absolute quality and best printing results.  With the decision taken today three books about Diospi Suyana will enjoy being recommended and distributed by Clie.  Barcelona in half a night and half a day.  The missionary doctor’s whistle-stop tour to Catalonia was well worth it.

Arrival with a slight delay before midnight.
Heading back to Frankfurt 15 hours later.