Fire safety, moisture-proof, noise protection and temperature safeguard

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A difficult undertaking

Dear friends of Diospi Suyana and readers of the construction report, the time has finally come!

11 months ago these panels were recommended by Jürgen Waltersbacher to decisively improve the fire safety of the hospital. On Daniel Dressler’s birthday, they finally reached Curahuasi. Since then the construction team has been diligently working on the substructure and the workshop technician Oebele de Haan has constructed a crane with which the 120 kg heavy panels can be easier moved to the top floor.
Since the planning was complete, Jürgen Waltersbacher landed on Sunday in Peru to coordinate the relocation of the panels. For him this is everything other than an easy chore. He has substantial experience in this area, but the construction workers and the building engineers on site have never held a composite panel in their hand (except for the unloading action). In addition, he can’t count on the usual support of machinery and equipment, and he does not speak a word of Spanish! Yet still he happily accepts this challenge and I can translate for him, show him what is possible at the site and learn from all of his experience.

The construction workers also learn quickly and it was possible to complete the covering of the first half of the guestroom. And so we had completed the most difficult part, because under the roof of the guesthouse it is very cramped and you have to always pay attention not to make a wrong step and fall through the suspended ceiling.

Next week the Lab tract is on the schedule. With a now well-rehearsed team we should make swift progress, so that this job may also be completed before Jürgen Waltersbachers’ departure on March 13th. We ask for prayer, that an accident free and speedy work will be possible. A blessed week, Johannes

Aller Anfang ist schwer
Every beginning is difficult.
Einmal verlegt werden die Paneele mit Schrauben fixiert
The workers fix the panels con screws.
Der erste Abschnitt ist geschafft
The first part is done.
Der Kran wird umgebaut, um den zweiten Abschnitt in Angriff zu nehmen
Repositioning of the crane.
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